Length 4-8 hours / Persons: 5-20

Understanding your baseline process


Understand your existing baseline to pro- actively take charge of decreasing environmen- tal- and climate impacts. Knowing your baseline is crucial to deliver ESG reporting and build a strategy for your improvements.

We work hands-on with mapping of your exist- ing imprint, and we help clarify the next steps needed for your company to progress.

We introduce you to baselining, afterwards you employ Hotspot analyses, compare products to one another, and work hands-on with base- lining methods to help clarify data needed for your ESG reportings.


Get started on your company’s baselining, and be prepared for ESG reporting requirements coming in the near future.

What you get

  • Kickstart of your ESG reportings
  • Defined milestones to meet requirements – Learning to work with needed tools
  • Concrete numbers for your reporting
  • Help from sustainability experts
  • Planning of development of green / sustainable solutions