Slow Forest Coffee

Over time, Slow Forest Coffee’s goal is to be the most transparent coffee in the world and fulfill an even bigger dream – to regenerate and preserve forests globally.

To achieve our aim, we partner with local farmers in Laos and work side by side with them, directly on the ground with our Slow team. This ensures that Slow not only benefits those who enjoy its taste, but also those who planted it.


KlimaID is a SaaS company that provides data analyses for suppliers of; water, electricity, and district heating. Suppliers optimize on their current grids.

This results in large savings in capital investments. Households are offered KlimaID login through their suppliers. Unique data analyses, live data, and recommendations are made available for the household to enable exploration and optimization.


HEMBOO make building elements of hemp and bamboo, which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials compared to concrete elements, and  by doing so, Hemboo aims to make a severe difference in the industry’s impact on the environment.

Cph FarmHouse

At Cph FarmHouse, we use the best of vertical farming and horticulture to produce high quality micro-greens, herbs, and lettuce with lots of flavor and nourishment.

Our production is sustainable and organic. We do not use any herbicides or pesticides, and we recirculate the water, thereby saving between 70-80% on water consumption with no sewage.

We use organic nutrients for the plants and use certified Danish wind turbine energy for our LED lights, ensuring that our climate footprint becomes as small as possible.

Urban Studio

Urban Studio is a consulting firm providing new strategic and sustainable approaches to urban planning and architecture.

Founded by Urban Planner, Mathias Nordby, the company is linking urban industries together in an effort to change the cities we live in.

Urban Studio is targeting private developers, pension funds and municipalities by offering: consultation in small- and large-scale urban development projects, facilitation of public involvement, partnerships across the industry and creative storytelling.


With the goal of becoming part of the solution of the rising plastic problem and to promote circular economy, SemperCycle is developing a new chemical method to recycle plastic by transforming it into methanol.

SemperCycle’s method makes it possible to recycle all types of plastic that doesn’t have to be cleaned first. This makes it possible to recycle a broader spectrum of plastic in a sustainable way.


Visibuilt is a biotechnology company on a mission to grow construction materials with a radically lower CO2 footprint. Building construction consumes 40% of materials and 40% of primary energy in the European Union, while also generating 40% of waste annually.

Visibuilt develops a low energy manufacturing process to produce materials for construction from waste materials.


Oialla is wildly grown, organic chocolate that takes its beginning deep in amazonas. The Beniano beans come from the world’s original cocoa trees, and the fruits have never been cultivated, fertilized or treated with herbicides.

Oialla cooperate with a small company operating in the Amazon jungle in Bolivia. The cooperation sets standards for the training of the male pickers in the jungle, as well as the female employees at the little factory. Moreover it focuses on sustainable harvest, and improvement of working conditions and living standards.


InfoTiles provides software that combines and enriches data from different silos – including legacy water utility systems. With a mission to digitalise water with innovative, accessible, and cost-efficient solutions, InfoTiles is helping utilities achieve resilient and sustainable water and wastewater management.

InfoTiles’ innovative digital analytics platform spans the water value chain, simplifying and automating the tedious steps of consolidating data and applying real-time analytics and machine learning.

Green Ocean Drones

Until now, drone inspections of ships have required human pilots, but this task will now be taken over by AI technology. Green Ocean Drones develop intelligent underwater drones for ships, the aqua industry and port inspections.

Intelligent drones are far more accurate and effective than humans and are able to detect more than 99 percent of possible faults on ships.

Simply Power

Simply Power is on a mission to support the green transition in the energy sector.


Epic Air Tech develops an advanced air-cleaning technology that can be fitted to e.g. existing HVAC systems. The technology purifies air allowing for the recirculated of indoor air.

The technology is based on the self-cleaning mechanisms found in the atmosphere. The result is both cleaner and healthier indoor air, and a reduction in the energy consumption needed for heating and cooling of the indoor environment.

Future Forest

Future Forest is an Investment Vehicle and Management Company dedicated to regenerate forests one farm at the time. Working with local farmers to restore and protect the forests, they use principles from both nature forests and plantations to build forests that benefit the local economy and the planet as best as possible.

By using data from satellites and drones, Future Forest want to show investors, that restoring the rainforest is a good investment.


Aeromine is a Danish/American founded company that supplies wind turbines to install on commercial/industrial rooftops. They have no visible, rotating part. They make no noice and no vibrations. And they supply pure, green electricity to the owner – at a price that is competitive with solar.


Syltedronningen is a Danish brand for artisanal preserves, savoury and sweet. We pair vegetables, fruits and berries with innovative flavours to make exquisite taste. In order to scale and grow the product line and profitability, we are searching for ways to increase the use of technology, while maintaining artisanal qualities.

Syltedronningen wish to explore innovative, technological solutions and to develop a framework for seasonal editions using excess produce and legumes and reducing food waste.