Length 2-10 weeks / Persons: 5-25

Market Analyses of New Innovations


Outsource market validation of your new business offerings. We test your hypotheses and uncover the potential of your solution, enabling you to faster decide whether to bring new solutions to market.

Gain market insights, analysis of customer needs, evaluation of your concept, overview of development barriers, assessment of a potential price- and business model of your concept, and an estimation of market matureness and user’s willingness to buy.

With a qualitative analyses of your market you gain nuanced insights into potential new target groups’ challenges and needs and you increases the pace of internal development processes.


External support that fast track your innovation development processes through user-driven market analysis.

What you get

  • Tailored market analysis
  • Personas of user groups
  • Test of hypotheses with real users
  • Analysis of market matureness
  • Assessment of price models and customers’ willingness to buy
  • Data-driven recommendations
  • Presentation of results