Length 5-8 hours / Persons: 5-20

Unfold Sustainable Business Ideas


In relation to the Green Transition we will all be enforced to deal with numours new requirements and regulations in the near future.

We work with our Problem-Solution approach, Double Materiality Assessments and Partnerships models to help you prioritize strategic sustainability themes and define concrete actions, which ultimately can be incorporated directly into your business strategy.

We support you in addressing the sustainability challenges and changes ahead of you, by mapping out current and upcoming barriers in relation to the Green Transition, as well as your unique opportunity spaces.


Concretization of how you deal with the Green Transition in strategic and actionable terms.

What you get

  • Mapping of Green Transition barriers – Mapping of new opportunity spaces – Prioritization of sustainability themes – Actionable milestones
  • Impact assessments
  • Inspiration for how to turn barriers into green business opportunties