Talk addressing future technological trends


To tackle the challenges and changes emerging from the Green Transition, all the related new requirements and regulations we need to look ahead and be prepared for the new, which reforces us to think radically different and tackle new challenges with new approaches.

NIRAS Green Tech Hub’s Director, Sophie Bech, provides an inspirational talk addressing new technological trends, and thus provide your organisation with branche-specific future foresights.

Hear more about novel green technologies, new types of green innovations and green business models. Moreover, you will be presented with a range of cases, and get recommendations for how to work with trends and new technologies going forward.


Future foresight, inspiration and recommendations for working with- and addressing trends strategically.

What you get

  • Branche-specific trends
  • New insights about tendencies
  • Recommendations for working with change, trend and technologies
  • Concrete cases of emerging solutions
  • Suggestions for strategic partnerships