Length: 2-3 weeks / No. of new tech: 3-30

New tech scouting


Get support to identify the core challenges that will enforce your organisation to change. Based on Challenge Definition workshops, we create scouting material to call for new tech solutions that can help you progress and innovate.

Strategic scouting is a systematic process, structured around a range of scouting parameters, such as location, size, and matureness level.

We are specialists in building scouting catalogues, and rely on a spectrum of platforms, scouting partnerships, incubators, accelerators and hubs, as well as external consultants, to provide you a tailored catalogue of new tech solutions.


You gain a tailored Challenge Definition material and a catalogue of hand-picked technologies and green innovations to help you solve those challenges relevant for your business’ survival.

What you get

  • Strategic scouting based on your criteria – Challenge definition workshops
  • Unique catalogue of innovations
  • Tailored scouting material
  • Potential innovation partners
  • Clarity about your development needs
  • Access to newest technological solutions