Length 1-5 hours / Persons: 15-150

New business opportunities using AI


New AI tools, such as ChatGPT, are by many seen as threats to their business offerings. However, they also provide a range of new opportunities for business. How can you think smarter with the help of AI tools and data, and spin out value, innovation and gain com- petitive advantages from the new options offered by technology?

Torben Kirk Wolf, Head of Data Science at NIRAS, and Sophie Bech, Hub Director at NIRAS Green Tech Hub, present how AI can be used to seize new opportunities, how AI correlates to development and how it can be a means for innovation.

You will work hands-on with Design Thinking tools and methods, dive into problem spaces, user pains and needs, and thus take the initial steps for spinning out new innovation ideas based on AI tools, uncovering new commercial opportunities ahead of you.


You’ve gained new knowledge about how to work strategically with AI and radical innovation in your organisation.

What you get

  • Newest knowledge about AI tools – Idea Catalogue
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Early stage commercial concepts
  • Prioritization of opportunity spaces
  • Practical experience with AI tools
  • Strategic recommendations on the use of AI and innovation in your context