Startups, go get a seat!

You’ll get:

  • Peer network and daily activities
  • 3×10 hours free consulting from NIRAS engineers
  • Daily lunch from Meyers and great coffee, wifi, and free usage of meeting rooms
  • Company address at Sortemosevej 21

You’ll give:

  • Peer support and knowledge sharing
  • Be part of social activities
  • Showcase your services and products to NIRAS and their clients
  • Co-host themed events

1200 DKK
/month per seat – revenue to come

2200 DKK
/month per seat – Startups with revenue

Meeting rooms

Sand 4 persons, 150/450 hour/day

Purple 4 persons, 150/450 hour/day

Blue 10 persons, 200/950 hour/day

Mint 15 persons, 1500/4500 hour/day

Additional accommodation from Meyers can be purchased (breakfast, lunch, snacks).

Event Space

1200/4800 DKK + tax hour/day

  • Access to coffee and water
  • Seats for 50 guests
  • Catering from Meyers

Use of Studio

With video and sound recording on high quality gear including producer/technician can be purchased.


Meyers wheat bread, ryebread, marmelade, cheese, butter, coffee/tea 25 DKK per person.
Lunch from Meyers Kantiner (hot meal of the day, ryebread, spread and salads) 50 DKK per person.
Cutted fruit, cake of the day/cookie, croissant, coffee/the, water – 25 DKK per person.
From sandwich to three course meal – individualized.