Naturally, greater control entails greater responsibility, so managing an external development team may not be so simple. Since these programmers are formal employees of the outstaffing company, they are more likely to identify with the supplier than with your organization. They frequently demonstrate a lack of concern for the future of a client’s business, corporate culture, and, most importantly, the product itself.

outstaffing model

The company has 15+ years of experience in digital transformation and software innovation, most notably open source cloud-native programs. Cost efficiency was the main reason to take the outsourcing route in the past. But as time went by, the classic outsourcing model as we know it today started to show flaws. With outsourcing, the vendor is the one who closely monitors and supervises the development team’s operations.

Strongest Trends in Outsourcing/Outstaffing This Year

The client will have full control over the IT team or an individual during the whole contract period. IT outstaffing services refer to a remote hiring model where an outstaffing company provides a dedicated team or individuals to the customer for its software development project. These specialists work only on the client’s project for the period defined by the contract. Although the customer has complete control over the outstaff team, it doesn’t have to deal with any operational issues. Of course, the agency deals with paying its employees’ salaries, bonuses, and tax issues, allowing the customers to focus on other areas of their business.

  • We’ll do our best to come up with the most sensible outsourcing or outstaffing solution for you, offering high-quality services at a reasonable price.
  • A company most often entrusts the whole project to the outsourcing agency from beginning to the end.
  • How oustaffing model worksFrom a legal perspective, a specialist has labor relations with an outstaffing company but not with a customer company.
  • In order to get the top-notch product, you need the professionals.
  • All you need to do is establish strong cooperation between in-house teams and the remote staffing talent.
  • Many people mistakenly believe that outsourcing and outstaffing are substitutable concepts.

There are many advantages to outsourcing, and the following five outsourcing features should be enough to convince you.

What are the benefits of outstaffing teams?

That is, if you already have a business, it can be more cost-effective to hire an outside specialist for a one-time project or task than to hire an entire IT department for ongoing support. In general, outsourcing is when you have an idea, but there is no way to implement it on your own. You don’t want to bother and establish a whole IT department, instead, you just want to come to another company with your idea and get an application or website ready, paying a certain amount for it. Copyright 2022 © Techmango Techmango technology services private limited. Techmango delivers high-performance IT services & solutions that help businesses be more successful tomorrow. As any small business owner can tell you, managing employees is one of the hardest parts of the job, not to mention financial obligation to satisfy ever changing government regulations.

For example, today multinational teams are the norm for most IT companies. In these terms, outstaffing enables companies not only to engage gems from different corners of the world but to avoid numerous hassles and save some money. Would you like to find out more about the IT outstaffing model? The outstaffing vendor facilitates the communication between the sides by introducing HR or account managers, lawyers, accountants, and other relevant specialists. At this point, a smooth and quick onboarding process is key to success.

Below, we have created a checklist to assist you in your search. Apart from sharing expertise, specialists provided by outstaffing companies continuously upgrade their skills. That helps them to keep up with the hottest industry trends and innovations and know how to implement new technologies in practice. Ultimately, they can assist clients’ in-house teams in choosing the most efficient tech stack to create digital products.

Outsourcing vs. Outstaffing: What Is The Difference And What To Choose?

You can only trust an outsourced developer if they have a solid reputation and good reviews from other clients. If your outsourced company has no reviews or poor ones, then there is no way for you to judge their quality. Why do companies look for IT talent outside their own organizations? Using an outside vendor saves not only benefits and overhead on employees but base salaries for IT workers when you combine outsourcing with offshoring to countries with a low cost of living. If you’re looking to do the cost-plus model for outstaffing development, you’ll get more say over how your outstaff team members are paid, but you may see more ups and downs in your expenses.

outstaffing model

Also, the software development service provider is responsible for hiring, maintaining the team and, as mentioned, payroll. Outsourcing, it’s usually a project manager of the hired team who directs and controls the full scope of work. Having outstaffed specialists in a team, you discuss with them some ideas sharing confidential information. So, to protect yourself you should deal with only trusted outstaffing companies, carefully study all the terms and conditions of a non-disclosure agreement, and engage experienced lawyers if needed. Cooperation with an outstaffing company lets you not bother yourself with numerous issues related to tax payment, insurance, remuneration, perks, vacation pay, staff training, and many more. All this stuff is within the responsibility of your outstaffing company.

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Ask former or current clients about their satisfaction with the vendor. Another key might be to explore what industries and what type of workload a company is engaged in. We build mobile and web apps for companies and enterprises from Western Europe and the USA, designing, developing and testing our products internally. Currently, we are focusing on healthcare, wellness, tourism, and entertainment industries, where we have a lot of successful cases.

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The region has a very qualified and experienced IT workforce, which makes it an ideal location for outsourcing projects with strict requirements such as quality or security. Besides, it is possible to choose from many specialists in various fields of activity — from front-end developers to crypto specialists. Such flexibility allows ProCoders to find exactly what you need regarding quality, cost, and deadlines.

IT Outstaffing: Pros and Cons of This Model in Software Development

As the client, you will only deal with the outsourcing agent in matters of payment but directly control the staff hired. In outstaffing model, the outsourcing agency identifies and recruits a specialized team of employees who will work under the strict monitoring of the client . This means that you get external employees who are answerable to you. The developers are not accountable for the quality of the final product in outsourcing. Differences in time zones can bring excellent advantages to your organization. For example, if your project requires 24/7 support, you can select vendors from various overlapping time zones.

This one is a vital question that companies seeking software development often ask. Well, the question does have an answer considering that the number of companies veering off in-house software development and implementing outsourcing or outstaffing continues to grow. To close the gaps they turn to an outstaffing company and request the needed specialists from them. As a result, the QA engineer and BI specialist remain employees of the outstaffer but are managed entirely by the business that needs them.

In the late 90s, the business world faced a new fast-growing trend — outsourcing. The American tech industry pioneered in trying out the new approach to doing business with the help of third-party vendors. Since then, nearshore and offshore partnerships have been getting increasingly common for both big corporations and small startups.

The Outstaffing Model: What It Is and Why It’s Better Than Outsourcing

A business owner should be aware of all the stages of the hiring process of a temporary engineering staffing team and be able to conduct the final decision. Qualified IT contract recruitment agencies will be open to providing you with reports, analytics, and keeping the heads up on the process. If you need to get expert advice on the ways your startup can quickly grow as a business, you can hire a specialist to analyze and forecast the prospects of your project. IT staff augmentation firms offer hands-on consultations and assistance with an entire cycle of services for startups to start from square one. As in the case of outsourcing, once you switch to outstaffers, you might start quicker as tech developers already have engineers accessible right away.

It is common knowledge among managers and recruiters that the search for highly skilled IT specialists can take up to three months. The ability to swiftly attach personnel to specific IT activities is one of the many benefits that outstaffing offers businesses. It allows companies to avoid wasting time in development during periods of downtime caused by the search and recruiting process. When browsing the Internet, you will see numerous companies providing IT outstaffing services. They can help your organization adopt this model to your business processes and obtain the mentioned benefits. But how to select the right partner to reduce the potential outstaffing drawbacks?


Comprehensively skilled experts can handle full range of brokers operations including tracking and tracing, customer update… Moreover, if there is a need to extend a project, there will be a chance to renew the contract with the team or selected specialists. Also, it’s a great option if you need time to see the results the expert can bring to your company and their real expertise. But the very process of outstaffing might be known to you like the process of hiring a contractor. For that reason, outstaffing is commonly referred to as ‘contracting’ in the New World. Since customers manage the assigned teams themselves, the management costs are lower compared to outsourcing.

It wouldn’t be just freelancers you have found on the freelance platform, but real professionals who were already interviewed and tested by specialists. The outstaffing model is very well-known, useful, and effective for companies that want to put IT projects into action. IT outsourcing is the best choice if you want to make complex or high-quality IT products without adding to your budget for employees.

Next, the recruitment process is held on the side of the outstaffing vendor. Their recruiter uses candidate portraits and makes pre-screening calls with suitable candidates. When a candidate matches the corporate culture of the client and their experience is relevant, the recruiter sends their CV with comments to the client and waits for feedback. High-end remote employees are the key to productivity and success for many companies. Hiring remote employees has many advantages, such as more competitive rates, greater availability and a willingness to handle projects of varying complexity.

Any tasks can be transferred to a temporary IT staffing team, or if there is a need for a dedicated specialist, it’s wise to opt for contract engineer recruitment. Consider getting staff augmentation consulting to plan the recruiting and HR processes beforehand with the help of experienced HR specialists. A dedicated team collaborative model presupposes hiring remote IT workers to develop a product. Such a team includes a project manager that manages a team or assigns tasks instead of a product owner. The PM will take care of all aspects and organize teamwork. The outstaffing model presumes a type of “rental” of workers from a third-party organization.

Let’s check out each of these models to find out the difference between them, so you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. The outstaffing model is rarely helpful for software product startups seeking capital. The absence of your own trained employees can be a deal-breaker, as investors pay the greatest attention to the team working on a project. Cooperation with an outstaffing service provider can indicate a deficiency in the required competence to realize a brilliant idea.